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Accident Clinic Near Hallandale

Accident Clinic Near Hallandale

When you treat an injury, you want your health care insurance company to cover it. That is what your medical insurance is for, and yet many physical therapy and chiropractic clinics in Florida cannot offer you this simple coverage. After all, they are not medical clinics, which means that though their chiropractors may be great, there will always be a risk of that same adjustment causing serious injury.

The kind of clinics that you can go to and have your health or even auto insurance cover are medical clinics. They will have a Medical Director and several different kinds of osteopathic doctors on staff who will first check over your injuries before getting you started with physical therapy or chiropractic adjustments.

Accident Clinic Near Hallandale Accident Clinic Near Hallandale Accident Clinic Near Hallandale

This checkup offers a medical guarantee you cannot find from a regular clinic. Only then can you get your care covered through your medical insurance or through your car insurance claim. There are still steps to take, however. You have 14 days to get your auto accident injuries treated after your car accident, for example, to get covered through your auto insurance.

This isn’t because that is the limit before we can start treating you, or how long an accident needs to hurt before it becomes a chronic pain issue. It’s just the legal cutoff for those who have been in a car accident to get health care treatment covered by their auto insurer.

That being said, you don’t want to live with pain. Come to us for your injury recovery or alternative to help with acute low back pain issues, and we can help. Our team is made up of the best of the best and will be with you throughout your time at our Hallandale accident clinic.

Our Team

Seek medical treatment at Icon Medical and enjoy the expertise and support of both medical professionals and some of the best Hallandale chiropractors. Our experts set us apart and the reason we can accept medical and auto insurance coverage. You will be satisfied with the service and blown away by the holistic results you can get when a medical and chiropractic physician team comes together.

Our Medical Director

Icon Medical is run and managed by Dr. Edward Lucas, MD, a board-certified emergency physician. Dr. Lucas works in many clinics throughout Florida and has been an expert in his specialty for decades. He runs the clinic and will also work to build the best treatment plan for your needs.

Our Neurosurgeon

Our neurosurgeon is essential to our practice. Dr. Anthony Hall, MDCM, FACS, FAANS, is a board-certified neurosurgeon who works primarily on cranial and spinal injuries that you often see in accident injuries. There are so many ways that chiropractic adjustment can cause complications to your condition, even from a licensed chiropractor. He checks over your spine and for any cranium injuries that may be hurt by chiropractic care.

If he sees something of concern, he will refer you to a specialist or even get more tests done if you are given the green light; however, you are clear to start sessions with your chiropractor in Hallandale.

Our Pain Management Physicians

We have two pain management specialists on our team, Dr. Jesse Hatgis, DO, and Dr. Darin Bush, DO. They specialize in holistic pain management and will typically perform the Epidural Steroid injection, the Trigger Point injection, and the Facet Block injection.

Our Chiropractors

We have some of the best chiropractors available, and it is them who will be there to provide you with both chiropractic adjustment and physical therapy when you start urgent medical treatment with our clinic. Olivio Blanco comes to us highly recommended with over 25 years of experience, Mildred Morency graduated at the top of her class, and Matthew Holmes has a diverse background in chiropractic care and athletic training and health.

Book an Appointment

For a great experience, you will want to schedule an appointment with our team as soon as you can. This can be the day you get your accident injury or the day you are discharged from the hospital. It could be the moment you finally say enough to living with chronic pain without a comprehensive pain management strategy.

You will have access to all these great treatments when you call or make an appointment online at Icon Medical:

  • Chiropractic Care
  • Hot/Cold Therapy
  • Moist Heat Therapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Paraffin Wax Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy
  • Mechanical Traction Therapy
  • Infrared Therapy
  • Pain Management Injections

You will also be able to build your treatment plan with a host of services designed to make it easier and simpler to enjoy the treatments we offer:

  • Transportation services
  • Bilingual services
  • Legal aid services

If we can help in any way, let us know. We tweak and adjust treatments and services all the time when we can to improve the experience you have here at Icon Medical.