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Accident Doctor Near Palmetto, FL

Accident Doctor Near Palmetto, FL

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you may be wondering whether or not you should see an auto injury doctor near you or another type of specialist. Or, will your primary care physician be the best person to contact?

It’s uncommon for your primary care physician to treat injuries resulting from a car accident, but if you are seriously injured, you should go to the emergency room and seek treatment from an ER doctor straight away.

Accident Doctor Near Palmetto, FL Accident Doctor Near Palmetto, FL Accident Doctor Near Palmetto, FL

If you don’t feel like you were seriously injured, you’ll need to find a specialist car accident clinic near Palmetto who will take you through the accident and assess any injuries you have as a result. Osteopathic doctors in a Miami accident clinic, like those with Icon Medical Centers near Palmetto, are specialists in their field and will have the ability to check and diagnose any injuries whether they are severe or very minor.

Why You Should See a Doctor

Even if you think your injury is very minor and doesn’t need treatment, it is really vital that you seek medical treatment from an accident clinic in Miami to get checked over just in case. Many of the common injuries that people have after auto accidents don’t show up for the first couple of days, and when they do, they can feel relatively minor but end up causing serious problems down the line.

It’s not just for health reasons that you should see a doctor either. If you were involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be looking to pursue legal proceedings towards the other driver. In this case, you will need to have seen a doctor and been assessed and either discharged or at least given some form of a treatment plan.

In Florida, it is the law that anyone involved in a car accident must report to an accident doctor within 14 days of the accident taking place in order to comply with insurance regulations and to be entitled to insurance reimbursement for any medical treatment you have needed.

Going to an accident therapy clinic will provide you with a professional account of your injuries and a medical diagnosis. The car accident injury clinic will also update your medical records to ensure there are no gaps in your medical history.

Common Car Accident Injuries

During a car accident, your body will undergo an immense amount of force. If the accident is minor, this could just mean you tense up and strain a muscle. But if it’s a major wreck, there is a chance you may have been thrown around the vehicle, causing your body to be thrown into many different positions that will put pressure on your muscles, ligaments, other soft tissue, and even the bones.

Cracked ribs, sprains, strains, concussion, and whiplash are very common complaints from patients who have been involved in a car accident. Though more serious injuries should be treated immediately at a hospital, less severe injuries can be treated at an auto accident chiropractor near you. Icon Medical Centers, an accident chiropractor in Miami, can evaluate your injuries and determine what treatment plan is best for your recovery. They can recommend accident chiropractic care to treat your injuries and have the experience needed to give you effective neck, joint, and back pain therapy in Miami.

What Determines Injury Likelihood?

The likelihood of receiving an injury from a car accident is usually dependent on what kind of accident you were unfortunate enough to be a part of. Was it a simple rear-end collision, a T-bone, or maybe a single-vehicle accident?

The next thing you will need to consider is the speed that the accident took place. This is a difficult one to determine as a relatively low-speed accident may actually be a higher speed accident. If you were to be traveling at 20mph and had a head-on collision with another driver also traveling at 20mph, you would both hit each other at a rate of 40mph, which is a significant speed.

One of the major telltale signs of road traffic accident serious injury and trauma is whether or not the patient was wearing a seatbelt. Under Florida state law, all people who are in a motorized vehicle must be wearing a seat safety belt at all times whilst the engine is running.

The law is not only a good reason to comply; safety belts are designed to keep your body as still as possible during an accident and lessen your injuries. Those who are not wearing safety belts may be thrown around the car akin to a rag doll in the event of an accident.

It’s also important that everyone in the car wears a seat safety belt. There have been many cases where a passenger is in the back of the car behind the driver and the car has been rear-ended. The back passenger has then flown forward and hit the headrest, usually causing painful facial injuries such as a broken nose, but oftentimes, crushing the driver to whom they have just crashed into. Many drivers have been killed outright by a relatively minor bang made worse by a backseat passenger not wearing their seat safety belt.

Ensuring that all passengers are wearing a safety belt is the driver’s responsibility and can result in charges if they fail to do this. Given how dangerous it is for passengers not to wear a seat safety belt, it seems sensible to suggest that all drivers check and refuse to move off until all passengers are correctly belted in place.