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Accident injury clinics are beneficial to many people who have sustained recent or long-term injuries from circumstances such as sporting events, car accidents, and workplace incidents. This is because accident injury clinics offer a range of different treatments which can suit everyone, helping them to receive the best care for their specific condition. Here is a look into what treatments you can find at an accident clinic near you.

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What treatments do Accident Injury Clinics offer?

Chiropractic care: Chiropractic care is the main treatment that is offered to those who are seeking treatment about an accident or an injury which they have recently sustained. 

During chiropractic appointments, your accident chiropractor will conduct hands-on manipulations or conduct adjustments with an electronic device that simulates these motions. These will help to relieve any excess pressure on your nervous system, correct your spinal alignment, increase your circulation, boost your immune system, and kickstart your body’s natural healing processes. However, accident chiropractic care is not only made up of spinal adjustments, and this can also include many of the treatments below, such as massage.

Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy is used to treat issues with the spine as well as soft tissue injuries that are common sports-related accidents. 

Physiotherapy is made up of a variety of exercises, such as manual therapy, where a trained professional uses passive movements (where someone else moves your limbs instead of you) on your joints to increase their flexibility and motion. Physical therapy can also include neuromuscular re-education, where the pathways in your mind that allow you to move correctly are restored, and electrical muscle stimulation, where currents are sent to stimulate your nerves.

Massage: Your massage therapist may also use different massage techniques to help you to relieve your pain. These can particularly aid conditions such as whiplash injury and strained backs and necks. 

The types of massage that Icon Medical use include lymphatic drainage, where light pressure and movements are used to invigorate your lymph nodes, which can speed up healing. You may also receive a Swedish massage, a popular type of massage that focuses on the body’s soft tissue, or a paraffin bath massage, which can reduce swelling in affected areas.

Pain Management: These types of physical treatments can be coupled with pain management techniques. Trigger point injections are offered by Icon Medical and can help to improve your well-being by injecting anesthetic into the area of your body that is causing you extreme pain. This can help to relieve the pain and inflammation that you are experiencing.

Lifestyle Changes: However, it is not only the treatments that you receive within the clinic that can help you. Administering lifestyle changes, such as a good diet and regular exercise, is equally important to your overall recovery. Many specialists will help you to develop a lifestyle plan that is in line with your goals and the desired result of the treatment.

Why should you book an appointment at our Accident Clinic near Beverly Park in Hollywood, FL?

Accident injury doctors near you can help you to recover in numerous different ways from many common conditions that are caused by traumatic injuries, such as herniated disks and brain injuries. Not only can they help you to reduce the long-term impact of your injury and ensure that it heals as fast as possible, but they can also help you to increase the motion and flexibility of the affected area and reduce excess tension. 

Proper treatment at an accident therapy clinic can also reduce inflammation in the affected area, which can help to improve your movement and speed up the healing process. Accident injury clinics can also help you to boost your immune system and strengthen weak muscles during your recovery. Not only this, but they can help to reduce any stress that the accident has caused by releasing the pressure that has been placed upon the nervous system.

Choosing an Auto Accident Clinic Near You

You should find an accident injury clinic with experienced personal injury doctors near you. Each clinic has a range of different specialists available to manage your care plan, and you should attempt to find one that is trained in the particular treatment techniques that can most benefit you. However, you should be aware that it is always your decision whether you accept the course of chiropractic treatment on offer and you can discuss changes to this if you are not comfortable with any of its elements.

If you are looking for an accident injury clinic in your local area, Icon Medical can provide you with an effective and varied service that allows you to develop a treatment plan consisting of treatments such as massage, chiropractic manipulations, and lifestyle changes. To find out whether the clinic is right for you, you should look at booking an initial consultation appointment by contacting them by telephone. 

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