Auto Accident Doctor


Auto Accident Doctor in Davie

Auto Accident Doctor in Davie

If you have been in an auto accident, you should schedule an appointment with an approved auto accident doctor in Davie as soon as you can. When you seek medical treatment with a clinic like Icon Medical, you don’t just get the treatment you need for your accident injury, you can get your health care covered by your insurance company.

This could be by your auto insurance if you have been in a car accident, through your employer’s insurance if you have been involved in a workplace accident, or through your own personal health insurance.

Auto Accident Doctor in Davie Auto Accident Doctor in Davie Auto Accident Doctor in Davie

This opens up your options significantly and lets you enjoy the full recovery you deserve. Don’t allow auto accident injuries to turn into chronic pain. Don’t let something like acute low back pain dictate your life. Even if our treatments cannot completely remove the pain from your body, we can offer a holistic pain management solution.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

There are many benefits of chiropractic adjustment, especially when done with both a chiropractic physician and the supervision of a neurosurgeon. There are many complications that can occur in an auto accident. Your spine, neck, and cranium may have suffered damage that you don’t immediately notice that can be significantly aggravated with chiropractic treatment before your body is ready.

That is why we have a neurosurgeon who specializes in these very injuries, who will check you over and work with your chiropractor in Davie so that your body gets the treatment it needs.

1. Pain Relief

One of the benefits of relying on a Davie chiropractor is pain relief. This relief can come from either releasing pinched nerves, decompressing your spinal discs, or just adjusting your spine so that it can hold your weight properly again.

2. Improved Strength and Flexibility

Pain reduces your flexibility and your strength significantly, so by fixing the pain issue, we can actually work to improve your daily motion.

3. Improved Circulation

It isn’t just your nerves that can be pinched from a misaligned spine. Blood vessels also get trapped, and in this instance, leads to decreased blood and oxygen flow to the brain. It’s why you get migraines from a neck injury, so by improving your spine with chiropractic adjustment we can fix these additional issues just by improving your circulation.

4. Improved Immune Response

There is some evidence that chiropractic care can actually work to improve your immune response. The body sends out early warning signals when it detects a virus, and the faster and more efficiently it can get this warning to the brain (via the spine) the sooner your body can send out your white blood cells. If you improve your spine’s alignment and free your pinched nerves, then these messages can be sent faster and more efficiently.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Another reason it is high recommended that you call or make an appointment online with our great team is because of how essential physical therapy is for your recovery. Muscles and joints cannot be handled by a chiropractor alone, but because we offer heat therapies, we can help you recover faster and more efficiently.

These therapies are known to provide:

1. Pain relief and stiffness reduction

Heat therapies and massage therapy both work wonders to reduce stiffness and reduce pain, meaning you’ll get a great experience through and through and enjoy the benefits from the first second of treatment.

2. Circulation Improvement

Another benefit to these therapies is that it opens up blood vessels and improves circulation. With this, we can actually help tell the body where to heal and work to make that healing more effective.

Some of our treatments offer an even better experience for our patients, like infrared therapy, which works to detox the body and reduce pain.

Benefits of Targeted Pain Management Injections

If you needed urgent medical attention and are still fragile after being discharged, then our pain management physicians are available. They will help us create the perfect personalized treatment plan for you and are also here to provide pain managing injections if you need targeted relief.

Benefits of Icon Medical

There are so many reasons to choose Icon Medical:

  • We are Nationally Accredited by The Joint Commission
  • We offer transportation services to and from our clinic
  • We accept many types of insurance coverages
  • We help you build your compensation claim case
  • We offer our treatments in Spanish as well as English
  • We have a respected medical team
  • We have some of the best chiropractors in Florida

Start Treatment Today and Get in Touch with Out Team

There so many reasons to choose Icon Medical, so if you are ready to be 100% satisfied with the service we offer, book an appointment with our team today. You are just a click or call away from enjoying professional care from a licensed chiropractor, physical therapist, and a dedicated medical team.