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Treating Car Accident injuries with Chiropractic Care in Hollywood

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Icon Medical Center’s Car Accident Clinic in Hollywood

Hollywood is a big city with a lot of action, and unfortunately, some of that action includes very real car accidents that can be hard to walk away from. Regardless of how severe your injuries are, we can help. 

We are a Joint Commission Accredited accident clinic Miami that prides itself on being the one-stop-shop for all your rehabilitation needs. 

No matter how big or small your injury, seek the right level of care from day one so that you can get back to your best self as soon as possible. Whatever your auto accident injury, our team of pain management experts have the knowledge and skills you need to recover in the right way.

The Go-To Clinic in Hollywood for Car Accident Treatments

We are the go-to car accident clinic north Miami with convenient locations. We not only treat everyone on an individual basis. We will also create a tailored, comprehensive and personalized accident injury recovery plan that will help you heal.

No two injuries from a Miami car accident are the same. Your recovery plan will be unique and specific to your exact needs. Your plan will include strategies to relieve and recover from chronic pain, neck pain, and ongoing injuries you may have.    

Our List of On-Site Specialists

We have a great team of specialists, physicians, and neurosurgeons board to help with every step of your recovery. Regardless of how you have been injured in your car accident, we can help you recover and heal in your own time. We will assess your needs from the outset so that your time isn’t wasted. 

Do I need to make an appointment to visit icon medical centers?

Although it is not required to make an appointment and we welcome walk-ins, we recommend that you make an appointment at our personal injury clinic closest to you to make your visit as convenient as possible. Scheduling an appointment with us will ensure that you are seen quickly and allows our staff to give the best service possible.

Range of Treatments Available at Our Hollywood Clinic

We offer a wide range of treatments right here at our accident injury chiropractic north Miami. From therapeutic ultrasound to massage therapy, we can help you recover in any way you need. We offer Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), heat/ice therapy, traction, chiropractic care, a wide variety of massages, infrared therapy, neuromuscular re-education, physiotherapy, and so much more. 

When You Should Pay Us a Visit

Many injuries might not exhibit symptoms until a few hours or even days after an accident. Whiplash patients have reported not feeling any symptoms until days later, for example.

If you feel any pain, suffer from headaches, feel tingling or numbness, or have any of the symptoms of vertigo, then contact us today.

We Work with Car Insurance and Accident Attorneys

We accept almost all forms of car insurance coverage and have experience working with companies and attorneys alike.

Book an Appointment at Our Hollywood Clinic Today

Book an appointment at our Hollywood clinic today if you have been in an accident. The long term effects of injury can hold you back in later life, so don’t run the risk.

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