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When you are in an accident, whether while playing a sport or driving your car, the last thing you should do is wait to receive medical treatment. Unfortunately, many people think that as long as there are no apparent significant injuries following an accident, then they are in the clear. This is far from the truth, as many injuries that you might consider to be minor can actually lead to fairly debilitating chronic pain if not treated quickly by a healthcare professional at a car accident clinic near you.

Knowing how to begin treating an injury of this nature all starts by getting expert advice. The professionals at car accident injury clinic Icon Medical are skilled at identifying and treating some of the more common injuries that can be sustained in an accident. This is because many such injuries are felt in the back and neck areas, and our auto accident chiropractors near Coral Way specialize in treating these regions of the body.

It is important to note that several injuries that you can sustain in a car crash can take some time to fully recover from. Many people still feel the effects of their car crash injuries for years after the fact. If this is the case for you, you might be interested to learn about the physical therapy and massage therapy options offered at Icon Medical’s accident chiropractor in Miami. Such treatments can go a long way to helping you manage the chronic pain from your car accident injury.

One such injury that the experts at Icon Medical’s accident therapy clinic are well versed in is that of a herniated disc. The trouble with this injury is that it can go undiagnosed for weeks after an accident, as many people think that the pain from a herniated disc is simply an ache caused by the accident. Instead of going away on its own, though, the pain from a herniated disc can increase over time if left unchecked.

Here is some more information about herniated discs and how the professionals at Icon Medical’s auto injury doctor near Coral Way can help you to recover from your car accident injury.

What is a Herniated Disc?

When you are involved in a car accident, your first instinct should be to check to see if there has been any apparent bodily harm done to either you or anyone else involved. If no significant injuries are evident, this doesn’t mean that no injuries were sustained at all. The force from a collision of this nature might have resulted in a herniated disc in your spine.

Occasionally referred to as a slipped disc, a herniated disc can be an incredibly painful condition. It is when one of the discs comprised of soft tissue residing between the bones of your spine is thrown out of place. The force experienced from a car accident can be enough to shift a disc out of place. Since your spine houses a vast amount of nerve endings, the pressure from a slipped disc on a nerve can result in serious pain and inflammation.

Symptoms of a Herniated Disc

One of the first symptoms that will become evident if you have a herniated disc will be pain that radiates from a particular area of your back. Because you can slip a disc at point throughout your spine, this pain can likewise occur in any region of your back. Depending on the severity of your injury, you might also experience numbness or tingling in other areas of your body, most commonly the legs or arms.

Weakness in your limbs is also a common symptom of a herniated disc. This is also a result of pressure placed on a nerve ending by the displaced disc. These symptoms might persist for weeks or even months after your car accident.

On the other hand, milder cases of a herniated disc that don’t press upon a nerve can go unnoticed for quite some time. Such injuries might not ever be apparent without having a scan or other image taken of your spine.

Treatment of Herniated Discs

The approach that is taken to the treatment of your herniated disc will depend heavily upon the severity of the injury and its effect on your mobility. You might need medication to help you manage the pain of your injury, but invasive treatment is not typically necessary. Surgery is only required in the most serious and debilitating cases. In most cases, you would only need to seek back pain therapy in Miami.

Aside from medication in the form of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, you can benefit greatly from a course of physical therapy guided by the osteopathic doctors in Miami accident clinic Icon Medical. Your treatment would include mobility building movements in the form of a series of stretches as well as ultrasound treatments. Gentle massage therapy, as well as heat and ice therapy, can be helpful as well in relieving the pain from a herniated disc.

A proper diagnosis and evaluation at an accident clinic in Miami like Icon Medical will help to ascertain the best course of treatment for your particular situation.

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