Chiropractor near

Broward County

Chiropractor near Broward County

Chiropractor near Broward County

If you have an accident injury, it isn’t enough to just get that urgent medical care at a hospital. Hospitals cannot be there for you through your entire recovery, and despite popular belief, rest is not the only way you can improve your experience.

Health care should continue until you are back up on your feet. Not only can secondary care like this help improve the rate at which you heal, but it can also keep you in better spirits and help you diversify your pain management strategy so that you have more than just pain medication to help.

Chiropractor near Broward County Chiropractor near Broward County Chiropractor near Broward County

We can help you in so many ways, and as we have doctors on staff, you can get all the benefits of a top chiropractor like Icon Medical in Broward County and more. With our wide range of treatments, you will be more than satisfied with the service we offer.

All you need to get started is to call or schedule an appointment through our digital form. We will be here and waiting to get you started on your own personalized treatment plan. 

Building Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Your personalized treatment plan will be built up with a combination of treatments, and, of course, form the services that you need to have a stress-free, enjoyable treatment.

1. Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustment from a top Broward County chiropractor can do wonders towards improving your condition. Chiropractic care, unlike other treatments, has the chance to completely stop the pain you are experiencing. In the cases where a fix isn’t possible, the adjustments made by our talented team can help you manage chronic pain, for example, from acute low back pain to stress.

2. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy treatments are a must for all of our clients who book an appointment. We offer heat therapies, innovative therapies, and manual therapies alike to help improve your recovery and manage your pain.

3. Pain Management

We have two pain management physicians on board who are here to guarantee you a great experience. Not only will they be a part of your personalized treatment plan development, but they are also available to provide pain managing injections for a truly great experience. These injections are ideal for targeted pain relief, for example if you are recovering after receiving urgent medical attention from a hospital.

Great Reasons to Choose Icon Medical

There are so many reasons to choose Icon Medical:

1. Nationally Accredited

National Accreditation means that we have reached, if not exceeded, high standards of care. As a medical clinic, it means that we offer exceptional services and that our team is of a very high caliber. In short, when you choose Icon Medical, you are choosing the best.

2. Accepts Insurance

We are proud to announce that we accept insurance. Get covered through your medical insurance company or through your auto insurance. In fact, it is highly recommended that, if you were in a car accident, that you go through your car insurer instead. So long as you are going through your insurance provider and start treatment within 14 days of your auto accident, you can get your auto accident injuries included in your insurance payout.

3. Medical Guarantee

A chiropractic adjustment, even from a talented and experienced chiropractic physician, can be dangerous without the supervision of a medical doctor after an accident. Accidents can cause a lot of damage, some hidden, and without checking over your spine for those issues beforehand, you can actually put your recovery at risk.

That’s why you’ll be checked over by our medical staff, including a neurosurgeon, first. This way, we can guarantee you’ll get the best treatment for your injuries.

4. Transportation Services

If you are looking for a licensed chiropractor, then we bet that your back isn’t in good enough shape to drive comfortably or take public transport. If you are on pain medication, you may even not be allowed to operate heavy machinery. That is why we offer transportation services to all those who seek medical treatment from us and are in need of it.

5. Bilingual Services

Choose from English or Spanish when you choose Icon Medical. We want you to be able to easily understand and tell us about your needs so that we can provide you with the best physical therapy treatment plan.

6. Legal Aid and Evidence Support

There are many instances where the accident that caused your injury would have been caused by the negligence of someone else. Just let us know and get us in touch with your attorney so that we can help them win you the full compensation you need to financially recover from your accident and to also cover your health care costs in full.

Get in Touch With Our Team

You can either call us or use our digital form to make an appointment online. This can be done at any time, though if you get in touch with us outside of office hours, know that we will get back to you the next working day to organize your initial consultation and start your treatment.