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Car Accident

Help After a Car Accident

Help After a Car Accident

Help after a car accident is something that everyone is going to need. Even if the auto accident was minor and there was barely any damage, help will still be needed – you will need to contact your insurance company, and you may want to speak to family and friends if you are feeling shaken.

Imagine the help needed after a more serious car accident, one that results in life-changing injuries. In this case, help will be needed from many different areas, including chiropractic care from Icon Medical Centers, who, with our friendly, welcoming chiropractic clinic in Florida, specialize in exactly this kind of assistance.

Help After a Car Accident Help After a Car Accident Help After a Car Accident

Once your visible injuries have been seen to and you have begun to recover, you may find that you have additional issues stemming from your accident. Whether it was an auto accident, a slip, trip, or fall, a workplace incident, a sporting injury, a spinal condition, or anything else, sometimes the pain will come later, and sometimes it will never stop.

This chronic pain, or perhaps acute low back pain that causes problems, can lead to your life having to change negatively. Things you once enjoyed and were easily able to do are no longer possible. This could mean you no longer have your independence or your career. At the very least, even if you can keep going as you did, the pain you suffer will be unpleasant.

The Spine and More Than the Spine

The work of a licensed chiropractor revolves around the spine. This is because a chiropractic physician believes that the spine is connected to every other area of the body through the nervous system. This means that, if the spine is damaged in some way, other areas of the body can feel the pain associated with it.

After a car accident, the spine may have become dislodged, and this will affect your back, neck, shoulders, hips, legs, and other areas too. Although your shoulders might be hurting, or you are suffering from chronic pain in your legs, it might all relate back to your spine.

A chiropractic physician will, therefore, manually manipulate your spine back into position using precise chiropractic adjustment techniques. Once this is done, the relief from your chronic pain may even be immediate, but if not, it will certainly be greatly reduced or eliminated shortly afterwards.

If you need help after a car accident because of ongoing pain, a chiropractor is the best person to contact; schedule an appointment with the osteopathic experts at Icon Medical Centers and the difference once treatment starts will be astonishing. You are sure to be satisfied with the service we can provide.

Yet for the ultimate help after a car accident, Icon Medical Centers does not only focus on the spine; we can do more than that. This is why we have such a highly recommended expert team working for us. The team combines their skills and knowledge, as well as their great experience, to provide the ultimate in treatment after a car accident has caused you pain.

The team contains surgeons (a neurosurgeon and an orthopedic surgeon), and for the urgent medical care, we have an emergency doctor. Then there are the physical therapy experts, the massage therapists, and the amazing, licensed chiropractors. Together, they will treat everyone who needs us, and the results speak for themselves.

Icon Medical Centers and Your Insurance Company

There should be no barriers when you ask for help after a car accident, and at Icon Medical Centers, we knock down as many barriers as possible. After all, since there are no age limits for chiropractic care, and since it is non-invasive and completely natural, it is safe for all. So, of course, we want as many people as possible to enjoy excellent chiropractic care to eliminate their chronic pain.

The one barrier that is left is your insurance company. Although they are there to help you, sometimes they can be difficult to deal with, and this can make people anxious about asking for help after a car accident.

Do not worry about this. You need to concentrate on your recovery and nothing more. So, let Icon Medical Centers contact your insurance company for you, and deal with any auto insurance questions that might be asked. We have great experience in talking to insurance companies, and we know the kind of help they need.

Schedule an Appointment with Icon Medical Centers

Schedule an appointment with Icon Medical Centers for help after a car accident, and you will be satisfied with the service you are given; this is a promise. Your chronic pain can be a thing of the past. Your acute low back pain can be forgotten. You can get on with your life thanks to the health care given to you by our incredible licensed chiropractors.