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Professional Help After an Accident

Professional Help After an Accident

If you have been in an accident, you must seek medical attention and rehabilitation. In Florida, in particular, there is a very short window to start your treatment options – 14 days. If you are in an auto accident, you must start your recovery by then so that the insurance company can pay it.

Getting help after an accident is one of the best things that you can do for your overall quality of life. There are a lot of ways that you can heal improperly after an accident injury, but with the care and dedication from our team here at Icon Medical Centers, you can start to heal.

Professional Help After an Accident Professional Help After an Accident Professional Help After an Accident

Accident Recovery at Icon Medical Centers

It is highly recommended that you seek out a full-scale physical therapy treatment after an accident. This is the best way to help after an accident and improve your overall recovery prognosis.

Car Accident Recovery

There are two main reasons why you will want to seek out chiropractic care after a car accident. For one, your auto insurance provider only has to cover your health care costs after that 2-week window legally. Secondly, without chiropractic adjustment, your auto accident injuries can result in chronic pain in your back and neck.

Sports Accident Recovery

Your chiropractor in Miami or Hollywood can also help if you have been in a sports-related accident. If you have taken a heavy fall, suffered soft tissue injuries, were hit by something, or strained your back then visit our experts for a full-scale rehabilitation.

Slip and Fall Accident Recovery

Slip and falls are one of the most common accidents in the US and can cause serious damage to your pelvis and spinal cord. The damage is only made worse the older you are, so seek out our professional care to ensure a safe full recovery.

Workplace Accident Recovery

Another common accident injury we see in the workplace accident. If you need pain management services from a licensed chiropractor after an injury at the workplace, visit us ASAP so we can improve your recovery rate.

Steps You Should Take if You Have Been in an Accident

There are many steps you should take if you have been involved in an accident in Florida.

Call the Authorities

If you need urgent medical care, then the best thing for you is to call the authorities. A serious car accident will need proper documentation and a police report, and in other situations, an ambulance or at least on-site care is essential. 

Exchange Information

If the damage isn’t too severe that you need to be whisked away for emergency care at a hospital, then the best thing to do is to call a friend or a taxi service to pick you up and take you home. Before you do that, however, you will want to exchange information with the other party (in an auto accident).

If the injury happened at work, then there will be an entire process to go through so that you can receive worker’s compensation. Getting the ball rolling on the claims process, even if you don’t do anything today, will help ease stress later on when it comes to paying for the health care treatments.

Address the Damage

If you need to be hospitalized, then relax and let the experts handle everything from there. If you are okay to remain on scene, except for needing chiropractor care from a Florida chiropractor in the future, then take photos of the damage on site. Once you are pulled off the road, it’s important to seek out a diagnosis from our team before that acute low back pain becomes a chronic condition.

Invest in Physical Rehabilitation

You would be shocked at how serious even a minor car accident can be. Whiplash can last for months, cause migraines, stiffness, and even insomnia as it disrupts your sleep. Health care is never a last resort option.

By prioritizing your physical rehabilitation, you can heal better, faster, and more effectively. Don’t run the risk of not healing correctly after an auto accident, instead invest in your physical rehabilitation from the outset.

We work with many insurance providers and are also experienced with what attorney’s need if you are building a compensation case. We are here for you, so put yourself first and book an appointment online today

Accident Recovery and More at Icon Medical

When you book an appointment at Icon Medical because you need help after an accident, you have made the best decision for your health. We will work with you to create the perfect wellness package from our services including:

  • Chiropractic Rehabilitation
  • Physical Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Doctor-Led Pain Management

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When you have an accident injury, a chiropractic physician and physical therapist are the perfect people to go to. We have them both, as well as medical doctors on staff to ensure that you are getting the best possible care for your injuries. All you need to get started is to schedule an appointment with our team.