February 11, 2020

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Start 2020 healthier

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3 Ways to Start 2020 in a Healthier Direction

It can be a pressurized time when the New Year hits to be healthy and happy. Sometimes, the pressure can become overwhelming, so much so that you may develop high levels of stress simply by trying to fulfill a more healthy lifestyle when 2020 hits, which of course, isn’t the result that you want.

You can begin 2020 in a healthy direction without trying to do too much at once or without becoming overwhelmed or negative. Key steps in the right direction are all it takes.

Here are 3 ways to start 2020 off right.

1.   Think About Your Lifestyle

Everyone loses a grip on their lifestyle over the holidays. You’re suddenly seeing people you don’t usually see, eating food items you don’t usually eat (especially not leftovers at 9 a.m. in the morning), and losing a regular sleeping pattern.

New Year is usually about resolutions and positive changes, and these don’t have to be huge ones. If you want to change your lifestyle to be more focused on your health, think more about your exercise routine, your diet habits and your sleeping habits. Make relevant changes to embrace a better routine.

2.   Try and Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

The holidays may have seen you consuming a significantly higher amount of alcohol than usual. Give your body a break and think about participating in Dry January. This isn’t only to give your body a month’s break from alcohol, but it’s also about resetting your mind regarding your relationship with alcohol.

If you usually drink out of habit, Dry January can be an eye-opener in that you realize you don’t need a drink as much as you thought you did. After that, it may allow you to significantly cut down throughout the year. You might be surprised at how much better you feel without habitual drinking.

3.   Consider Your Work Set Up

During the long winter months and the back end of 2019, you were probably more focused on the holidays than you were about simple things like the way you’re sitting and your posture. In the lead up to the holidays with work motivation wearing thin, you may have found yourself slouching more than anything.

It’s essential to look at your work set up with a more health-focused brain now that the New Year has hit, and you can feel more energized. A healthy work set-up is essential. Think about the following:

  • Regular breaks, and how you can better implement them.
  • Standing up and walking about regularly.
  • Your posture while sitting at your desk. You may also be able to consider swapping to a standing desk for better posture.
  • The chair you use (consider switching for more lumbar support).
  • Your working environment, such as natural light requirements.

If you’re looking for healthcare needs, Icon Medical Centers can help. We can offer chiropractic care if you’re looking to reset your body after a hard-working year, or holistic treatments and massage therapy if your 2020 resolution is to take more care of yourself. Contact us today.

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