February 21, 2020

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How Stress Impacts Health

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The Physical Effects of Stress on Health

Living a completely healthy life doesn’t mean that you’re never going to feel stressed. A certain level of stress is normal and usually okay, but high levels of stress on a regular basis is when your health can be severely compromised. You have control over how you manage the demands of life and how much you let stress affect you. It isn’t easy to avoid your natural reaction to become stressed, but you can try to handle situations more positively and in a more mindful way to try and avoid high stress levels as much as possible.

Below are just some of the ways stress can have an impact on your health.

It Prevents You from Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

The right amount of sleep is essential for the good working order of your body and your brain. If you have a high amount of stress, you may find that you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep without waking up at regular intervals. If this happens every night, it could result in severe health implications and limited brain function, such as inability to concentrate, being constantly exhausted and having an incapable immune system, meaning you’re more likely to fall ill.

Chronic Stress Can Result in High Blood Pressure

When you are stressed, you will undoubtedly feel the symptoms of stress in your body. This can be a tenseness in your muscles and an increase in your heartbeat. When you are stressed, a surge of stress hormones is released which results in your heart pumping faster, and therefore increasing your blood pressure. Therefore, your heart rate and stress levels are very closely related. Over a long period of time, persistent high blood pressure can lead to an increased risk of conditions such as heart failure and disease.

It May Induce Emotional Health Problems

If you have high levels of stress, this will take a negative toll on your emotional and mental wellbeing. Stress may result in anxiety and depression, as well as the possibility of panic attacks. These conditions, of course, lead to a host of other problems that severely impact your health, such as the emotional and physical pains which come with battling negative mental health issues.

It Can Lead to Unhealthy Habits

If you’re very stressed on a regular basis, you’re more likely to turn to quick and easy comforts, such as smoking, drinking alcohol or junk comfort foods. These practices, on a regular basis, are not healthy.

If you have a demanding lifestyle that comes with high levels of stress, you’re also less likely to feel motivated to workout or go to the effort of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Stress can make you have a negative viewpoint on other areas of your life which can leave you feeling unproductive.

When it comes to stress, it’s important to keep an eye on the situation. Be aware of how often you feel stressed and any physical or emotional problems you may be experiencing. Don’t ignore your stress levels, and consult with a medical professional if you want to ensure that your health isn’t compromised. The long term effects of stress can take a huge toll on your health and, inevitably, on your quality of life. At Icon Medical Centers, we can help.