Urgent Care

After Car Accident

Urgent Care After Car Accident Near Me

Urgent Care After Car Accident Near Me

A Florida chiropractor is highly recommended when you have a back injury, and physical therapy can offer you a great experience for joint and muscle injuries. You need both to fully recuperate after an accident.

We can help you with pain management and recovery and are ideal if you need non-emergency urgent care after a car accident near me services. All you need to get started, first with our medical team, then with a licensed chiropractor, is to schedule an appointment. From the moment you book an appointment, you will have our full team on your side, helping you recover from your accident injury.

Urgent Care After Car Accident Near Me Urgent Care After Car Accident Near Me Urgent Care After Car Accident Near Me

We don’t just provide services for accident injuries, either. You could also find relief from chronic pain or ongoing issues like acute low back pain. In both cases, you can get your care covered by your insurance company, meaning there is no reason to not invest in our urgent care after an accident services.

Why You Need Urgent Care After a Car Accident

There are so many reasons to invest in our full services, especially after a car accident. A chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, massage therapy, and pain managing injections can all do wonders to help you through the worst of your recovery and do wonders to improve your prognosis.

Pain Management

The first and biggest reason people will visit a chiropractor in Florida after an auto accident is pain relief. In particular, the neck takes a huge beating during such an accident and will need a chiropractic physician’s help to set right.

Chiropractic care typically works by actually fixing the cause of your pain in your neck and back. By adjusting the spine back into its proper position, we can release any pinched nerves and decompress your spinal discs for great, lasting relief. For some, all that is necessary is one session, though, for those with chronic conditions like osteoporosis, we offer ongoing treatment to help diversify your pain management strategy.

Auto accident injuries, however, are rarely only found in the spine. Joints like your knees and wrists are also very vulnerable, even in a minor accident. It’s important to seek medical treatment for your joint injuries and muscle injuries just as much for spinal related pain, and thanks to our physical therapies, we can help.

Reduced Stiffness

It’s normal to feel stiff after a car accident, but this stiffness can unnecessarily prolong your recovery. Our health care treatments – which you can get covered through your auto insurance and your health insurance – do wonders to reduce stiffness and even inflammation in your joints and muscles.

Improved Circulation

In the same treatments where we work to reduce your pain and stiffness, we also improve circulation. This is where you will truly be satisfied with the service we offer. After all, most pain management helps you through the next day, but by increasing circulation to the damaged tissue, we can help your body with its own natural healing process.

Treatments We Offer at Icon Medical

We offer many treatments designed to help your injuries from your spine to your joints, to your muscles. Not only that, but if you need more specialist treatment or should visit a hospital, then our doctors will let you know. If they give the green light for treatment, they will then start on your own personalized treatment plan from our wide range of treatments:

  • Chiropractic adjustment
  • Mechanical traction therapy
  • Infrared therapy
  • Electrical muscle stimulation therapy
  • Hot/cold therapy
  • Moist heat therapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • And more

When to Start Treatment with Icon Medical

These treatments are ideal as a first choice for minor injuries and as a follow-up solution if you needed urgent medical attention at a hospital. After all, when you are discharged, you are not 100% and likely still in pain. By relying on holistic pain management, you can improve your strength, flexibility, and recovery times without the need for narcotics.

The same benefits apply to those who have chronic pain. Arthritis, osteoporosis, and other conditions that cannot be surgically fixed or cured can be very difficult to live with without a comprehensive pain management strategy. That is where we come in. By providing physical therapy and chiropractic treatment, we can help reduce your pain and give you as much of your life back as possible.

When it comes to urgent care or chronic pain, the time to start is the day you want a new solution for your pain. However, when it comes to new auto accident injuries, you will want to book an appointment online or by phone within 14 days, just so that your car insurer has to cover your costs.

Regardless of which situation you are in, we can help and are happy to hear from you.