March 16, 2020

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Therapy for Car Accident Patients

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Injection Therapy for Car Accident Patients

Car accidents have the ability to create a wealth of injuries and affect the body in many painful ways. When traveling in a vehicle or being struck by a motor vehicle, your whole body is vulnerable to all manner of injuries and problems. This is why proper treatment and therapy options for victims of car accidents is crucial to make sure that you can return to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

What Injuries Can Be Sustained Through a Car Accident?

You’ll be at risk of many injuries when it comes to being in a car accident, but the most common include:

How Injection Therapy Can Help

You may believe that after suffering through a car accident injury, your recovery is going to be a long one and that you might be in constant pain for a long time until you’re fully recovered. However, this is not the case. Injection therapy can target pain points immediately and offer quick and effective relief from pain caused by car accidents.

Trigger point injections are particularly adept for treating car accident victims because of the amount of muscle pain and strain that can come from impact, particularly in the case of common whiplash. These injections will be administered directly into the muscle which is causing the pain and provide fast-acting relief, targeted at the problem areas.

Muscle pain can be severely incapacitating, particularly if it prevents you from normal movements, such as unable to sit or bend because of back strain or unable to move your neck due to whiplash. This not only affects your day to day life but your ability to sleep, too.

That’s why injection therapy with trigger point injections is a hugely effective targeted pain relief for car accident patients.

Feel the Benefits of Injection Therapy

As well as targeting pain, this therapy works to improve your flexibility and energy levels. You won’t feel like moving or staying active when you are suffering from muscle strain and intense pain, so trigger point injections help to improve your overall wellbeing as well as your body’s capability for movement and comfort.

The level of relief from these injections varies from patient to patient, as does the length of time it takes to feel pain relief from this targeted therapy. Doctors can work with you to recommend exercise and stretches you can do to work with the injection therapy and encourage better muscle recovery.

Icon Medical Centers Can Provide Injection Therapy for Car Accident Patients

At our accident clinic in Miami or Hollywood FL, we can provide trigger point injections for our patients. We will evaluate the source of the pain to target your trigger points effectively. We also work to provide exercise and physical therapy recommendations to complement your trigger point injection treatment.

If you have any questions about this revolutionary injection therapy, and if you are seeking medical treatment following a car accident, contact us today. Read more.

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