Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Chiropractor in Doral

Lower Back Pain Chiropractor in Doral

Once the first few moments after a car accident have passed and the first wave of shock has been and gone, the next thing most people will do is look for auto accident injuries. They will want to know if they are hurt and, if they are, how seriously. They’ll look for bleeding, bruising, painful areas in the body, broken limbs, and other obvious signs of accident injury trauma.

What they might not look for – because it’s so hard to determine immediately – is anything that might lead to chronic pain in the back, neck, legs, shoulders, hips, or elsewhere, or acute low back pain. Although these accident injury types can be hard to spot, they can also be the most problematic, since without treatment they might become a big part of someone’s life, and not in a positive way.

Lower Back Pain Chiropractor in Doral Lower Back Pain Chiropractor in Doral Lower Back Pain Chiropractor in Doral

If you’re concerned that you’re still in pain after a car accident even though the obvious auto accident injuries have long healed, it may be time to book an appointment with a lower back pain chiropractor in Doral just like the highly recommended Icon Medical Centers.

We are the ideal Miami chiropractor clinic for your chronic pain relief. We can do so much for every patient who requires chiropractic care, and we are dedicated to making their lives so much better. It’s our great experience that makes us so highly recommended.

We Understand What You’re Going Through

Something we are incredibly proud of at Icon Medical Centers is how much we’re able to understand what our patients are going through. We’ve seen many patients through the years, and we’ve heard many stories about their chronic pain and acute low back pain, and the car accident or similar incident that caused it.

We know how much this can affect someone’s life, and why it’s crucial you seek medical help from a lower back pain chiropractor in Doral with great experience and a great love of helping others. There is no other chiropractor in Miami quite like the licensed chiropractors at Icon Medical Centers.

As well as knowing just what kind of problems your chronic pain will have led to in your life, we also understand just how the human body works. We know that we can carry out chiropractic adjustment to ensure the spine is back in position, and this will often reduce or eliminate acute low back pain or chronic pain.

We know this is true even if the pain is in your legs or hips or neck and not necessarily your back – we know it’s true because we know that the spine is linked to the rest of the body through the nervous system, so a spinal injury can show up as pain elsewhere.

This is why it pays to have a lower back pain chiropractor in Doral with as much great experience as Icon Medical Centers. We can help you because we understand chiropractic care.

You Are Unique

You are unique. All our patients are. We ensure they we treat everyone as an individual, taking their own personal situation into account and thinking of how to make their lives better through chiropractic care. This is not something that all Miami chiropractors will want to do – it’s far easier, after all, to treat everyone in the same way and offer the same treatment plans and chiropractic adjustment work, even if that isn’t the most helpful thing for them. At Icon Medical Centers you can be sure we don’t do this.

At Icon Medical Centers you can be sure that we take each person who comes to us for chronic pain relief separately and discuss their health care options with them before creating the ideal treatment plan that will help them. In this way, the results we get at results that will make you happy and satisfied with the service.

It’s The Team That Makes the Icon Difference

Icon Medical Centers is certainly different to other Miami chiropractors, and there are many reasons why this is. We’ve discussed many of them already, but one that we must mention is our amazing and highly recommended chiropractic care team. Not only do we have the most incredible and talented chiropractic physicians, but we also have a wide range of other excellent osteopathic experts.

They include massage therapists, professionals who can offer exceptional physical therapy, a board-certified neurosurgeon, an orthopedic surgeon, and an emergency doctor for urgent medical assistance when required. There is nothing we can’t handle at Icon Medical Centers which is why, when you need the best lower back pain chiropractor in Doral, Icon is the place to schedule an appointment.

We also have a wonderful administration team. These are the people who will help you book an appointment and who will ensure you are settled and relaxed when you arrive at our chiropractic care clinic. On top of this, they will even talk to your insurance company for you, taking the burden away from you and ensuring that your recovery from your auto accident injuries is as swift as possible. It’s time to book an appointment with Icon Medical Centers.